Relief for Lalitavistara Narrative

@Relief  of 120 panels in total for Lalitavistara (life of Buddha story) starting from east gate to the left in the 1st gallery:


       The next panel 3, 4 and 5 of Lalitavistara
representing Bodhisattva who gave lessons to other Gods and Brahma before came down to earth.


Panel 6, 7, 8 showing pictures of Bodhisattva handed heaven to Buddha Maitreya before incarnation
to Sidharta Buddha Gautama, the son of king Chudhodana and queen Devi Maya of Kapilavastu .


Panel 9, 10, 11, 12 designate Devi Maya and other princesses greeted Boddhisattva accompanied by his escorts from heaven.

Panel 13: The most famous relief of queen Maya in her sleep & dream of white elephant entering her womb (got pregnant to born Buddha).


Panel 14 and 15 indicate Gods who blessed Devi Maya & King Chuddhodana in Acoka park (...last relief up to Southeast point on 1st Gallery).

Another 15 panels and relief in Southeast corner of the temple (up to South gate) are:

16-19. King Chuddhodana asked Brahmins to foretell queen Maya's dream, and they stated that the queen would give birth to a son who will rule the world. Panel 19 showed Brahmins who obtained prizes from the King.

20-21. Gods provide a place in heaven for Devi Maya. Devi Maya appeared at three places in Trikaya: Darmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirvanakaya.

22-23. Devi Maya visited sick and disabled people, and the king with his family distributed gifts to the poor.

24-25. Strange things happened at the palace: many lions sitting quietly at the gate, elephants worshiping for the King and heavenly beings gathering in the palace.

26. Queen Maya felt the time had come to give birth.

27. Devi Maya wanted to give birth in Lumbini park.

28. As entered the Lumbini garden, she gave birth to her son. Right after birth, the baby walked 7 steps and created footprints of lotus flowers. 7 days after delivery Devi Maya died.

29. The king named his son Sidhartha and received congratulations from people of Kapilavastu kingdom.

30. Devi Gautami, King's sister took care of Prince Sidhartha.

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